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Get an idea about your knowledge you want to share. Use the power of your work and/or teaching experience.


Create your course, specify the methods, define the costs


Deliver your course at any time, to any location, on any device, helping thousands of professionals around the world.


Earn from the sales and get the money directly on your bank account.

Sell course worldwide

At any time (24x7)

Flexible/unlimited course length

Unlimited number of students

Focus on your course

No need to care about payment process, business or technical issues

No set up costs or monthly fees

Earn money with your courses

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Combine multiple formats: video, pdf, audio

Set your price

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Instructor Success Stories

Leo Jones

“Beeing a lecturer for has opened so many doors. I had the opportunity to start teaching directly to many countries and my courses were always accessable 24 hours a day ”

Leo Jones | €10k earned

Lucas Meyer

“Start Teaching on was really simple for me. I could focus on the course content and the staff of took care of all organizational needs. This offers me the opportunity to deliver high quality courses.”

Lucas Meyer | €10k earned